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Our core philosophy: Joy can be chosen.

It’s all about being aware and having knowledge of the art —the right skills, the right mindset and the right people. All of this can be learned.

We’ve gone on a journey and used what we’ve learned to travel the world, become a Disney Imagineer, pursue our dreams, and much, much more.

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Joy is what initially attracted both of us to each other. It is the way we wish to live our lives, it is the concept we most want to spread to the world.

Where happiness can be a temporary and sometimes fleeting feeling, joy is something permanent: a state of being, a frame of mind…

We decided to create ChewsJoy as a space online where we could explore joy together and go on a joy journey. We don’t pretend to be experts on joy but we are definitely eager to explore and understand it more – especially together … and with you, our Positopians, if you have any great observations or recommendations as well 🙂

ChewsJoy is a place for our family, friends, and followers to keep up to date on our musings of joy, adventures in joy, and more! See what we discover by following both of us, Mandy and Jonathan, on Medium subscribing to our Youtube channel here: ChewsJoy Youtube Channel and our Positopian newsletter as well!

We try to post joyfully every whenever 🙂

We can’t wait to share our journeys of joy with you!

May you always remember to choose joy!

*Chews Joy*

Mandy and Jonathan Chew

We are on a mission to explore Joy to the fullest.





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