The Latest Kernels of Joy

My husband took me out tonight for dinner and dessert of my choice. It was a gesture that meant the world to me. I’m so grateful to have a hubby that continually dates me, even though we’ve been together for over five years and are long past the “getting to know...

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We got to go to Knotts Berry Farm today! I was so happy to go because I hadn’t been in YEARS! It brought back a ton of memories of being a kid there, I remember going around on the mine carts in Camp Snoopy for HOURS! We even got to spend some time with Jonathan’s...

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I got to clean the house a little and also sleep over at my in-laws! They bought me my favorite (Baja Fresh) and we enjoyed it together. I love being able to be close to my husband’s parents because it’s like a little retreat when we go away 🙂 (and of course we get...

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Day 4

It means the world to me that I can talk to my husband about anything in life. Tonight we had a long conversation about something personal and I just couldn’t help thinking I felt more comfortable sharing with my husband than anyone in the world. I am so grateful to...

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Day 3

Before bed my husband sat with me and watched a FRIENDS episode (my favorite show growing up). I realized how amazing it was to hear the person I love so much laugh at the show I love so much. It brought the show to a whole new level and felt like I was watching it...

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Day 2

It was a fun but busy weekend with the family! I was so grateful my in-laws drove after the long weekend. It was nice to just relax (and eat leftover doughnuts from the wedding) in the car ! I am so grateful to have such a great support system in family, we always...

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Day 1 – Days of Gratitude

My husband and I are implementing a Day Gratitude Exercise where we document our favorite moment from the day and why we are grateful for it! I know if I post it here I will be more likely and obligated to write my moments of gratitude and not skimp!...

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Best Quotes of All Time!

We LOVE to collect positive, motivational, and inspiring quotes!! In no particular order… Here’s a list of our TOP 100+ favorite quotes and sayings: “This is a wonderful day.  I’ve never seen this one before!” ~Maya Angelou  “A candle loses nothing...

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The Hall of Bobby

[Writing Prompt] When you die, you appear in a cinema with a number of other people who look like you. You find out that they are your previous reincarnations, and soon you all begin watching your next life on the big screen. Bobby took one look around him and a...

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Let Gratitude Be Your Guide

I had already been there for 45 minutes when they told me, “It’s going to be at least another hour until the doctor can see you.” A million things raced through my head but I decided to respond with the only word I could get out. “Ok.” It was a mix of emotions sitting...

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The Secret Sauce To Self-Worth

Since the earliest days of civilizations we’ve sought after it. Inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Ancient Greece were the words, “Know thyself.” We all deserve to be satisfied, to know who we are in this world and to feel content with that. And we are...

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10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing talk by Joan Shafer on the topic of The Power of Positivity a week ago. At the seminar she told us that Positive Psychology is not just an approach to life, it’s a science. Joan explained that all emotions have a purpose....

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