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New York Joy

Hello our fabulous ChewsJoysters 🙂 We just got back from a wonderful trip to New York aka The Big Apple 🙂 We saw some awesome shows, had some awesome food, and well…just basically had an awesome time exploring joy in New York City 🙂 Here are a couple things we...

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When Life sparkles like the Eiffel Tower… you get a video like this:  Always Remember Chews Joy (and...

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Our trip to England

Howdy our fellow ChewsJoysters, We are writing our first post after our awesome Europe trip and all we can say is OHMYGASHSOOAMAZINGAHHHHHH!! Today’s post will focus on all the crazy amazing (yet nerdy) things we did in England! Soooooo first we arrive at our...

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Vacation Recap!!

We thought it might be fun to do a vacation recap video before we head off on our big Europe trip this week!! We’ve enjoyed going to a lot of cool places and making wonderful memories together in the process! We wanted to share with you a few of our journeys and...

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Our Week (Feb 26 – March 5 2017)

Our week was pretty joy-filled! Watch as we experience random acts of kindness, with a mystery package on our doorstep…watch as we eat a TON of amazing food at a unique LA experience…and MORE Mandy and Jonathan Save Save...

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Our Week (Feb 12- 19 2017)

This week in the life of the Chews: -Valentine’s Day -Building Bookshelves -CRAZY rainy days -(and as always) lots of great food -and more! Mandy and Jonathan Chew Save Save...

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Our Week (Feb 5 – Feb 12 2017)

Jonathan and I decided to start documenting our weeks so that we can look back and remember all the fun activities, travels, laughter, and joy that we experienced 🙂 We will be posting every whenever, capturing what it’s like to be us: The Chews ! This week...

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