New York Joy

New York Joy

Hello our fabulous ChewsJoysters 🙂
We just got back from a wonderful trip to New York aka The Big Apple 🙂 We saw some awesome shows, had some awesome food, and well…just basically had an awesome time exploring joy in New York City 🙂
Here are a couple things we learned:
-When a door closes, another one opens – trust me on this 🙂
-There’s nothing like breathing the same air, being in the same space as an actor or theatrical event that can immerse you from start to finish. Both Hamilton and Then She Fell were shows that really took us on amazing experiential journeys…journeys that cannot be done in any other way than through the medium of live theater.
-I often feel that you can judge an area based on the way the people living there treat their tourists and visitors. Though we did have the occasional cab driver who tried to take advantage of our wallets in NYC, we really did feel like the people of New York were very very nice! We couldn’t go anywhere without someone helping us out, pointing us in the right direction, and giving us helpful tips! So…never judge a group of people based on what you’ve heard about them – go and experience them for yourself and then make a decision 🙂 In our opinion, New Yorkers weren’t cold or mean or anything like that – they were super kind and loved to help out the wandering tourists!
-Elegance and Relevance are the keys to raising money 🙂
-Focusing on what really matters in the long run helps us to place our priorities on the experiences that will bring us the most joy 🙂

You can watch and explore our NYC lessons about joy more in depth by watching our video below:

Always Remember
Chews Joy,
Mandy and Jonathan


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