5 Fascinating Ways to Transform Your Weaknesses into Strengths

5 Fascinating Ways to Transform Your Weaknesses into Strengths

I remember a story I heard once of a prison warden who worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the men in his prison. One day someone told him to stop doing this because “leopards just don’t change their spots!”

The warden responded with something to the effect of,

Leopards don’t change their spots. But I don’t work with leopards. I work with men, and men change every day.

I firmly believe in the power of human growth, human change, and that we can and should be constantly revising and improving ourselves.

It takes a lot of conditioning and hard work to change ourselves, to fix our weaknesses but I also believe we have all the resources inside of us to do so, especially when we stack the cards in our favor…

These are the 5 strategies I’ve found to transform weaknesses into strengths…

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Candy From Strangers: How Halloween Has the Potential to Bring out the Best in Us…

Candy From Strangers: How Halloween Has the Potential to Bring out the Best in Us…


It’s hard to believe that on one day out of the year people in various countries like America flip social standards on their head.

On Halloween it is completely acceptable and encouraged to:

  • Take candy from people you don’t know. Especially if you’re a child.
  • Embrace demons, witches, and other taboos related to concepts of evil/death.
  • Pay for candy. Then give it all out for free.
  • Open your door to strangers.
  • Show as much skin as you care to. Have less people judge.
  • Watch movies and events that may give you a heart attack.

I love Halloween. This bizarre holiday that gave me a pillowcase full of free candy as a child and an opportunity to dress like a weirdo at work as an adult. A holiday where people who have No Soliciting signs on their front doors generously give out a variety of sweets and smiles to anyone who rings their doorbell.

One night. All the rules change.


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The Secret Sauce To Self-Worth

The Secret Sauce To Self-Worth

Since the earliest days of civilizations we’ve sought after it.

Inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in Ancient Greece were the words,

“Know thyself.”

We all deserve to be satisfied, to know who we are in this world and to feel content with that.

And we are all born with the tools to make that possible…

These are 7 suggestions for living a more satisfied and fulfilling life through the enriching lens of self-worth

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